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why Marshall

Marshall is a full-service Fighting Financial Crime and Risk Management Solution Provider.

Our Vision

Keeping the Chain Intact

At Marshall, we partner with you to safeguard your operations and people through the deployment of effective Financial Crime Risk Compliance, Policies, Processes, Controls and Systems. A fast, efficient, and comprehensive means to get answers to all your financial crime response needs.

You raise the challenge, and we work with you to find the solution.

We use our skills and knowledge gained through many client engagements to support you in your fight against financial crime.

Building resilience

Fighting Financial Crimes (FFC) is a complex challenge
This challenge is exacerbated by the pervasive and rapid growth of the digital enterprise and the complexity and siloed nature of most Organisations.
We are under attack and cracks are emerging and widening in our defenses.
Organisations require a clear FFC Strategic Intent to deal with Financial Crime, and an integrated strategy that combines technology, with human centricity.