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what we do

Marshall is a full-service Fighting Financial Crime and Risk Management Solution Provider.

Our Services

Business Risk Assessments
  • A Risk Management and Compliance Programme (RMCP) establishes guidelines and procedures to ensure full compliance with the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) Act in identifying, measuring, monitoring, managing and reporting the material risks to which a Financial Institution (FI) may be exposed.
  • Considering the above it remains vital that FI’s regularly test their RMCP to ensure it is yielding the desired or expected risk outcomes aligned to their Risk Based Approach (RBA).
  • This can be achieved through regular Business Risk Assessments where the organisations’ Inherent Risk (IR) that represents their exposure to Money Laundering (ML) and Sanctions risk in the absence of any Control Environment being applied. After the design and implementation of AML/Sanctions controls, in combination with other business controls, IR is reduced to Residual Risk (RR) and this is the threat that remains after all efforts to identify and eliminate risk have been made.

Implementation Services

By partnering with Marshall, organizations’ benefit from the experience and deliverables gained through the successful delivery of many AML solutions in Africa. Marshall can assist with delivering quality solutions faster, saving their Clients time and money.

Marshall Programme and Project Managers will successfully steer and guide the project from the onset, and will save time, costs and frustrations through their professional management towards the end goal.

Marshall have been instrumental in many organisation’s requirements management processes and have built up the required knowledge and inventory of all potential business requirements that can satisfy Regulatory expectations.

Marshall have experience in the identification of data requirements specific to the requirements that need to be met. In absence of quality data, Marshall have successfully assisted Clients in achieving work-arounds and supplementing their data to meet requirements.

Having been exposed to the various products within the African financial industry, Marshall resources understand the AML risk and associated thresholds required to tune the chosen solution in reduced time frame. 

Implementation of a quality AML solution is dependent on establishing the adequate processes and procedures to support the efficiencies and effectiveness that need to be obtained.

Marshall resources have been key to many of the organisation’s Regulatory inspections, and therefore have the knowledge and expertise to assist organisations in defining, developing and implementing the most suitable solutions to their challenge.

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